Monday, April 1, 2013

U are ur answer

I remember when I wanted to get married everybody had something to say and the said without thinking or how I felt, but I stood my ground and I made my choice. You have to know what u want  and who u want it with u can't change a man when u get married if he can't change when ur dating girl don't waste ur time move on. Girls marriage is forever dats what I believe but :-( if he hits you that's a no no no capital NO he hit u once he will do it again and tell u sorry, let him go to d gym and punch a boxing bag. So get out before u pass out.
Then to d over sabe women keep ur thinking to urself ur hubby is talking to a girl u get angry and u suspect every movement my sister na u go die and he will move over . I know some men that don't cheat but want to have a  good time like hanging out with his friends u have to let ur husband have his alone time and live life that's my advice let give or men some space and we women should have fun have true friends u can hang out with get out of d house do something fun. Don't get me wrong I don't encourage cheating but I love being free so why can't I let my husband be free. And remember every marriage has good and bad days u just have to work on urs and stop looking at others. Don't anything or anyone take ur smile away xoxo♡

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